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SAYOKO DESIGNS is established in London 2013 by Japanese designer Sayoko Shibuya. It is a place to create something within the space, or space itself, with ideas of possiblities in materials and different cultural experience between Japan and Britain. It is to make people to emotionally and physically experience the space.




None of the things in the world stay the same, including shapes of books and magazines. Everything changes little by little as time goes by. The idea is to focus on the transformation of the shapes.

This unit is a quite simple, as repeatedly using same parts to construct. However, by having different height for each column and shelves, made looks interesting. It’s also flexible to add seating area, or could extend to have more shelves.

This simple idea could be developed in various scales, such as partition, tiny building or furniture.

If you look at it from different view points, it gives you various impressions.

Since it has a weird angle, it can keep the private space even if someone is over the shelf.